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Show your newsletter stats! (End of August 2020)

Kristian Freeman
Kristian Freeman

We're back with another edition of Show Your Stats! Last month, I introduced this segment and had a ton of awesome responses from people sharing their newsletter stats over on Indie Hackers.

If you're interested in joining the trend, comment on this post, or tweet at @MListHackers (#showyourstats)! Make sure to join us in the Mailing List Hackers chat and let us know what your newsletter is and how it's doing!

Newsletter: Bytesized Weekly
What is it: a weekly newsletter rounding up new and interesting things in software development
Number of subscribers: 3563
Average open rate: 53.75%
Average click rate: 10.68%
Number of emails sent: 124k

What I'm doing this month (September 2020):

This month, I'm redoing my newsletter!

I've been writing a weekly roundup for almost a year, and although I've received good feedback on it, I want to write something a little more singular and interesting.

In particular, I'm really inspired by, and I'm kicking around something similar to that in the software space.

Frequent (but maybe not weekly) emails covering a single software topic or tool, super well-researched, and providing a ton of value.

I'm working on a couple example drafts right now, and I'm going to share them in the Mailing List Hackers chat to get feedback later this month.

Comment over on Indie Hackers to let us know how your newsletter is going, and what you're working on this month!


Kristian Freeman

I'm a programmer and writer — I also founded Mailing List Hackers! I love to teach, write, and make stuff online.