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Rewatch Mailing List Hackers Meetup #001

Kristian Freeman
Kristian Freeman

Our first virtual meetup was held on September 2nd, 2020!

If you missed it, you can rewatch the talks below. Make sure to join our chat community to get a link to the next meetup we have planned:

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Every month, we bring a collection of great speakers and Mailing List Hackers community members to teach us everything they know about newsletters, as well as show off what they're working on, get feedback, and answer questions! The lineup for meetup #001:

Andrew Kamphey

Andrew Kamphey (@kamphey) is a former Santa. All facts. No brags. Currently running 2 newsletters for very different purposes. Curating industry news for the Influencer Marketing industry as well as daily google sheet tips. That's two newsletters not one weird one.  

Andrew's talk was an adaptation of his blog post "The Do and Do More's of Newsletters", where he talked about:

  • Building a PR strategy for newsletters
  • How to create effective curated content with a unique voice
  • How to reach out to people in your industry and build connections
  • Why he doesn't care about subscriber counts
The Do and Do More’s of Newsletters
Listen MoreJump on a call with a reader, or 20.Give your readers something to respond to beyond “give me feedback.”Read what your readers read on LinkedIn

Colin Bartlett

Colin Bartlett is an entrepreneur and a software developer who has been in the tech industry for 22 years. Most recently, he founded VimTricks (@vim_tricks), an email newsletter for users of the Vim text editor.

Colin talked about the growth of VimTricks, and covered:

  • How VimTricks measures feedback from subscribers
  • Why he moved from Substack to a home-grown solution for his landing page and archives
  • Opportunities for growth and monetizing the newsletter

You can view Colin's slides on GitHub:

Contribute to nimbleind/vimtricks-growth-slides development by creating an account on GitHub.

Kristian Freeman

Kristian Freeman (@signalnerve) is a developer advocate and indie hacker. He's the founder of Mailing List Hackers (that's this site!), and the creator of Byteconf, an online conference series.

Kristian talked about email automation, specifically around ConvertKit, and covered:

  • Why email automations can be a powerful tool for reducing the "content treadmill" of writing content every week
  • How to use email automations to send "greatest hits" content to subscribers
  • Next steps for people wanting to check out automation in ConvertKit

Kristian Freeman

I'm a programmer and writer — I also founded Mailing List Hackers! I love to teach, write, and make stuff online.