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Mailing List Hackers has been acquired by Newsletter Crew 🚀

Kristian Freeman
Kristian Freeman

Over the past few months, I've been writing Mailing List Hackers and hacking on Bytesized, my newsletter for developers, side-by-side. But as the newsletter has grown (#1 on Product Hunt and over 4,000+ signups, a great deal of them in the last month and a half), it's been harder to find the time (and the energy) to grow Mailing List Hackers.

Because of that, I'm super happy to announce that Newsletter Crew, the excellent community run by Yaro Bagriy, has acquired Mailing List Hackers! I've been in touch with Yaro since the beginning of MLH, and I'm super impressed with the constant stream of new podcasts and improvements to the community that he's been working on over the past few months.

On a practical note, the vast majority of the content on this site has been moved to Newsletter Crew, and as much as possible, blog posts, tutorials, guides, and videos will be migrated to the Newsletter Crew website.

I'm excited personally to get plugged into the community over at Newsletter Crew: if you're interested in joining, we've put together a coupon code for Mailing List Hackers members to save 25% on an annual membership, which you can find below!

Join Newsletter Crew for $29.25 (25%) with the coupon code "MLH" ➡

Thanks to everyone who's checked out Mailing List Hackers, and see you over at Newsletter Crew!


Kristian Freeman

I'm a programmer and writer — I also founded Mailing List Hackers! I love to teach, write, and make stuff online.