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Mailing List Hackers is a virtual community for mailing list and newsletter builders. We're tool-agnostic: whether you're using Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or whatever your tool of choice is, we're building a place for people writing and making a living online to trade tips, advice, and learn more about growing and managing their lists.


We publish content regularly on our blog, including in-depth tutorials on how to set up tools like ConvertKit, or even new innovative tools like Ghost, and more general posts on how to sanely write a newsletter, know your newsletter is working, and more.

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Our chat server is where Mailing List Hackers hang out and talk shop about what they’re working on, help each other with mailing lists, and share our wins as we grow our lists! Sign up as a member to get your invite.


I'm Kristian Freeman – I've been running a mailing list since early 2018 for my project Bytesized Code. Since launching the project, the newsletter has been the single best way to grow my audience, get feedback, and stay engaged with my community. Mailing List Hackers is inspired by great communities like Indie Hackers and Ministry of Testing, and a way for me to learn from my fellow Mailing List Hackers and grow my own list as well!